Eating healthy and improving nutrition is easier now than ever before! With the internet, books, magazines, and TV shows, there is a wealth of information for those looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Even better, there is a plethora of registered nutritionists in Canada who can help and guide you on the journey to better eating. But a multitude of choices can lead to confusion and inaction. With so many certified nutritionists in Canada to choose from, how can you be sure you are getting the right one? How can you know that you have chosen the right nutritionist for you? So many options can be daunting, but with a keen eye and right approach, you can find the best-registered nutritionist for your needs! Here’s how to get started:

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Shop Around

Start by doing a Google search of nutritionists in your area. If you live in a large city, eliminate the ones that are too far for you travel. Next, eliminate the nutritionists that are highly specialized (for children, seniors, restricted diets) unless you fall into one of those categories. Now that you have cut the list, take a look at who is left.


Don’t just call the first 3 that you see. Look carefully at them. This is important. You will be entrusting this person with your health and well-being. It’s a decision that deserves time and consideration. Don’t rush into it. Of the list of nutritionists, select 5 or 6 that stand out to you. Now it is time to do the deep research. Once again, utilize Google to search for information on the individual nutritionists. Carefully read online reviews and comments. Feel free to call the nutritionist themselves and ask questions. If they are serious about your business, they will be happy to talk to you. Ask family, friends, and co-workers about any recommendations they may have for a certified nutritionist in Canada. While doing your research, look to answer the following questions:

What Are Your Goals?

What are you trying to achieve? Is it weight loss? Building muscle? Are you trying to adapt a holistic lifestyle? Do you need to cut down on sugar? Maybe you just want to improve your health in general. Different nutritionists have different strengths. Go with one that matches your goals.

Are They Experienced? What Are Their Credentials?

Be careful. The title of “nutritionist” is not protected in Ontario. This means that anyone can call themselves a “nutritionist” and set up shop. Look up their experience and find out where they received their training and how long they have been practicing. Do they have references? Is their experience diversified? If you can’t find information on a nutritionist’s training or credentials, avoid them. Anyone worth the effort will have that information easily available.


How many clients do they have? How busy are they? No matter how great a nutritionist might be, if they have too many clients, they won’t have much time for you. Make sure you find someone who can fit into your schedule.

Do You Mesh?

Meshing is important. You need to have a good personal relationship with your nutritionist. After all, you will are going to be asking this person to be your guide to better eating. Comfort, approachability, honesty, trust, and a good rapport will help make the path smoother for your. You need that bond. Make sure you mesh well with your choice.

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