We should all be watching what we eat, but for some of us, it can be even more important than others. As we learn more about the treatment and maintenance of some diseases and conditions, highly-specialized diets have become the norm. Those suffering from nut allergies must be careful about even being in the vicinity of nuts; people suffering from celiac disease need to avoid anything that has gluten in it; and heart disease patients need a diet low in animal fat and high in soluble fibre. Another disease that greatly affects the diet of the sufferer is diabetes. As of 2015, 3.4 million Canadians suffered from diabetes.

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A condition where your body does not produce enough insulin and cannot properly store or use fuel, diabetes can lead to blindness, foot problems, cardiovascular disease, liver and kidney problems, and death. In order to control their glucose levels, diabetics require a stringent diet. If you are diabetic or caring for someone who is, here are a few tips for their meal planning:

High Fibre Foods

Foods that are rich in fibre are highly recommended for diabetics. In fact, the Canadian Diabetes Association suggests 25-50 grams of fibre on a daily basis. High-fibre foods will help you feel full and control cravings and helps with blood glucose and cholesterol levels. Some high-fibre foods include fruits, vegetables, lentils, beans, brown rice, and whole grain breads.

Regulate Your Meals

Sticking to a strict meal schedule will help control blood glucose meals. Have three meals a day (especially breakfast!) and try to stick to a regular meal schedule. Don’t go too long in between meals.

Plenty of Water

When thirsty, drink water. Pop and natural fruit juice will cause blood sugar levels to spike because of their sugar content. As well, drinking cold water can help burn calories and promotes a full feeling that will prevent unhealthy snacking.

Limit Certain Foods

No one likes to cut out foods completely and self-denial can often work against healthy eating. That is why we are saying to limit, not cut-out, some foods. Fried foods, chips, and fatty meats will cause you to gain weight which is not good for your glucose levels. It also goes without saying that eating foods high in sugar will cause your blood sugar levels to spike.

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