Imagine waking up tomorrow and someone telling you that you need to completely change the way you eat. Imagine being told that you could no longer partake in your guilty food pleasures because it could be killing you. It sounds pretty terrible. Unfortunately, this is a reality for those who have been diagnosed with diabetes. A serious disease in which the body cannot produce, or properly use insulin, diabetes impacts the lives of up to 11 million Canadians. Insulin helps to control the body’s blood sugar. With no insulin, diabetics need to be very careful of their blood sugar levels. This means they require special diet plans. It may sound like a prison sentence, but it doesn’t have to be. Going on a diabetic diet meal plan does not mean days of boring, uninspired food. It just means better choices and a little creativity. If you need to create a diabetic diet meal plan, start with some of these tips:

Diabetic Meal Plan

Make A List Of Food To Focus On

First thing to do is figure out the healthiest foods for diabetics to eat. This would largely include foods with high fibre (beans & whole grains), non-starchy vegetables, and lean proteins (eggs and fish). Research, read, and go to the grocery store and to shop around; you might be surprised at the amount of food that a diabetic can partake in. But, you find it if you don’t look.

Make A List of Food To Cut Back On

Noticed that I used the phrase “cut back on” and not “eliminate”. This is an important distinction. It’s going to be very difficult to completely get rid of some foods, especially if you need to stop eating foods that you love. So don’t try to eliminate them, but just significantly reduce the amount you eat. You will find it easier. So, some foods a diabetic really needs to cut back on includes fruit juices and pop, deep-fried foods, store-bought baked goods, and lots of processed foods.

Make A Schedule

Create a meal schedule and STICK WITH IT! Eat your meals and snacks at the same time everyday. This will help keep a balance in your body and keep your blood sugar levels more consistent.

Drink Water

Regular water intake is very important to diabetes patients. As your glucose levels rise, your body will try to pass it in urine. You will need to make up for that loss of fluid with more water.

Don’t Try To Change Things Overnight

If you or a loved are suffering from diabetes, it is pertinent that you change your diet as soon as you can. But, you won’t be able to do it immediately. Drastically changing your eating habits will only cause you stress, resentment, and you will be more likely to go back to your old eating habits. Do it over time. Research your options and find out the best way to do it. Let your body and mind get used to the change.

Get Help

Putting together a diet meal plan is tough; especially a diabetic one. There are good meal planning apps, but you may have questions. It is time for a personal nutritionist. It is time for the LOMI App. More than just a meal planning app, the LOMI App will connect you with personal nutritionists, dieticians, and other healthcare workers. Once you get connected with a personal nutritionist, they will help you diabetic diet meal plan that is right for you. You can start your new healthy life today; the help you need is right at your fingertips. Download LOMI now!