“You can’t get something for nothing.”

“Everything has a price.”

Two popular expressions that succinctly tell us that if we truly want something, we will have to work and sacrifice for it. That’s true; well, mostly true. Sometimes we don’t have to work as hard as we might think we need to get something we want. It actually reminds me of another saying:

“Work smart, not hard.”

registered dietician

Let’s look at burning fat and calories. Popular opinion tells us that if we want to burn fat and calories, then we need to cut out all the foods that we like, join a gym, and vigorously train our bodies for months. And that’s great, if you are able-bodied enough to exercise. Or if you don’t have small children who require a lot of attention. Or if you don’t have a demanding job. For some people, spending hours in a gym is not an option. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t burn fat and calories with a little less effort.

Burning Fat Doing Nothing

You are always doing something, even when you are just sitting. Your body and metabolism are always burning fat and calories and replenishing your body with what it needs. This is why we burn calories while we sleep. Another way to encourage your body to burn fat while doing nothing is to exercise every other day. Taking a four-mile walk every other day will burn 19g of fat. For the next 24-hours, your body will replenish its carbohydrate reserves that were burned during the walk. During this time, your body will burn 49g fat without any additional exercise.

Sleepy Head

Want to burn more fat? Get a good night’s sleep! You should be getting at least seven hours of sleep a night. You know that groggy feeling you get when you haven’t had enough sleep? Your body goes through the same thing. When your sleep deprived, it messes with your insulin, which means that fat can be stored in the wrong places. Lack of sleep also messes with the hormones that make you feel full, so your body will crave food even it’s satiated.


Did you know that a great weight loss supplement is accessible to you right now? Don’t believe me? Go turn on your tap. It isn’t as exciting or fancy as the latest fad food, but drinking lots of water will help with weight loss. Water has zero calories so you can drink as much as you want. It will give you a feeling of fullness which will help cut down on cravings and snacking. Plus, when you drink cold water, your body burns calories warming it up to your core body temperature. Drinking seven 16oz of cold water a day means you could burn 10lbs a year.

Of course, eating a good and balance diet is a good way to manage weight. But there is so much conflicting information and it can be difficult to make a diet plan on your own. Time to get a certified and registered and certified nutritionist or dietician! You can get in touch with one today using the LOMI App. Once downloaded on your device, LOMI will put you in touch with a certified and registered nutritionist or dietician who can help you with a diet plan, exercise schedule, and other helpful tips. Download LOMI today and reach your nutrition goals.