If I were to ask you what the difference is between whole grain, multigrain, and whole wheat, would you know the answer without the internet? Would you know which one is healthier? What if I asked you the best vegetables to eat for a healthy heart? You know who could answer these questions? A nutritionist!

For the uninitiated, a certified nutritionist is someone who has been trained to give advice on the positive and negative results of food choices and the impact that they can have on your health. Generally, nutritionist will help you with healthy food options, inform you of the benefits of certain types of food, and help design a diet for you. It is important to note that a nutritionist is necessarily just for those who want to lose weight; nutrition consultant can help anyone make decisions about the food that they put into their bodies. So, what can a health care professional or a dietitian do for you? Plenty!

What Can a Nutritionist Do For MeSource of Information

What food is a good source of fibre? (Beans, popcorn, baked potato) Is Greek yoghurt really that that healthy? (Yes) Is there a brand of chocolate chip cookies that are healthy and delicious? (No) These days, there is a wealth of information regarding nutrition and food. If someone is serious about improving their eating habits, the tools and knowledge are there. But, who has the time to sort through it all? And how do you know if the information you have is solid? A good nutritionist will be able to provide all the answers that you need. They have not only spent years learning which foods are the best, but how they can help your health. They can also sort through all of the misinformation. Having a nutritionist is like having a living, breathing Google search engine that is focused only on health.

A Meal Strategist or a certified nutritionist

Having the right nutrition information is just the first step. It is like having all the pieces of the puzzle, but you still have to put it together. You might know which foods are the best, but do you know when to eat them or how often? A nutritionist will help you plan out portions, frequency, and other possible alternatives. As well, a nutritionist can offer solutions when you are eating outside of your own home. Eating healthy is easy when you have complete control of the kitchen, but once you venture out to restaurants or a friend’s home, it becomes more of a challenge. A nutritionist can help you develop contingency plans for these situations. They can also offer recipes for healthy meals.

Tailored For Your Needs

Everyone has their specific set of needs and preferences when it comes to nutrition. A one-size-fits-all approach will not work. A nutritionist will sit down with you and learn about what about your nutritional needs and specific tastes. You can work together to build a nutritional program that reflects you as a person.

 Guidance and Encouragement

Making a change in your diet is not always easy. There will be times when you become discouraged and may want to drift back to your old ways which will undo all of the hard work you have put it. A nutritionist will be there for you to help when you lose your way. They will always encourage and remind you why you started eating healthy to begin with. A nutritionist will be by your side on your journey to healthy living.

Looking for a certified registered nutritionist in Canada?

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