“I would eat healthier, but I just don’t have the time” It’s everybody favourite excuse for why they don’t eat better. But, to be fair, there is some merit to the excuse. The internet and mobile devices have made it much easier to work from home and on the move; social media allows us to interact with our friends from wherever we are 24-hours a day; mobile games and 300 TV channels keep us endlessly entertained and distracted. But, one thing that hasn’t changed in thousands of years is nutrition and health. If we want to get the most out of our bodies, then we need to put the right nutrients in them. After all, if you aren’t slowing down to eat well; you will eventually slow down anyway because your body can’t keep up. Even for the busiest bee, there are always strategies to make sure you are taking care of yourself. You just have to be a little diligent and little organized. Take a look:

Balancing a Busy Life with Healthy Eating

Don’t Skip Breakfast

This is the most common mistake that busy people make. They skip eating a breakfast in the morning and rationalize that they will eat on the go. Eating while travelling is not the problem; the problem is that it usually consists of a muffin, donut, or something unhealthy they pick up along the way. If nothing else, give priority to breakfast. Even you only take 10 minutes, sit down and eat something in the morning. If there is no way you can sit down, prep something the night before. You could boil an egg, have some fruit and nuts ready to take with you, or even pre-pour some high fibre cereal in a bowl and just add milk for a quick meal in the morning. There are a million ways to make breakfast fast; you just need to be creative.

Drink Water

To counter the pangs of hunger, many people will drink coffee in the morning. The hunger pains will subside, but coffee will not fulfill your nutritional needs and too much can actually lead to further problems.[1] Instead of caffeine, drink water. It will take some habit forming (especially if you have a caffeine addiction), but will be worth it.

Avoid Junk Food

No matter how busy you are, your body will compel you to eat. Whether it is the embarrassing gurgling sounds your stomach will make or hunger pains that you just can’t ignore, you will eat whatever is handy and easy. Unfortunately, that usually means unhealthy snack food like chips or cookies. Skipping breakfast will cause you to snack; at the very least, don’t keep any sugary or fatty snack food in your home or workplace. Stock up on nuts, rice cakes, baby carrots, and other easy-to-eat foods will at least give you some nutritional benefit.

Plan Ahead

Consider creating a weekly meal plan so you don’t have to think about what you are going to eat ahead of time. On the weekend, you could even spend some time preparing your meals for the week. This way, you will be able to save time from prepping meals while making sure that you have healthy options. When shopping, be a smart shopper and buy the most wholesome foods.

Find a Nutritionist

Balancing a healthy diet and a fast-paced lifestyle is a challenge. Why not make your life easier with a nutritionist? A nutritionist or dietitian will help you create a diet plan based on your meal restrictions, tastes, and busy lifestyle. Now, before you say that you are too busy to consult with a health care professional, go and download the LOMI App.  Once you have registered, the LOMI App will connect you with a registered nutritionist or dietitian of your choosing. With your nutritionist, you will be able to create a new meal plan that is specific to your needs and preferences. The LOMI App will give you access to the top nutritionists in Canada. Download the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play today!