Living a healthy lifestyle is not always easy. Today’s society is fast paced and hectic, making it hard to find the time and energy to focus on your health. If you are ready to invest in your health and wellness, we’re sharing some tips and tools that can help you reach your goals. Don’t be afraid to ask for help as you design your new healthy lifestyle! Reaching out to find support is just one way you can increase your chances for success. There are many health care professionals that offer programs, information and support when it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle that works for you.

Your Path To A Healthier Lifestyle

Tips For Healthy Living

  1. You Are What You Eat: Many people start by focusing on exercise when it comes to changing lifestyle habits. Exercise is a key component to overall healthy living but making changes to your diet will likely have the biggest impact on your success. With all the information you can find online, it can be overwhelming to decipher smart diet choices that will work for you. Start by removing processed and high sugar foods from your home, and incorporating more whole foods such as lean meats, fruits and vegetables.

Using a Canadian certified registered nutritionist, or a personal nutritionist for support, can be a very eye opening experience. These types of health care professionals can create a customized meal plan for you, based on your goals and your current health, and can educate you on ideal protein, fat and carbohydrate combinations, that will support a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Get Moving: As mentioned above, what you eat will have an enormous impact on your overall health but that doesn’t mean you can ignore your body’s need to move. Incorporating exercise into your life is not only good for your physical health but can also improve your mental health as well. It is understandable that many people find it difficult to commit to an hour in the gym each day, but 20 minutes of daily walking, or 30 minutes of high intensity interval training a few times a week, is a great place to start.
  2. Get Your Sleep: Did you know there are three important pillars for optimal health? Diet and exercise usually get more attention, but sleep is a very important tool for creating a healthy lifestyle too. If you aren’t getting enough quality sleep, it will be difficult to stay committed to healthy eating, and an exercise routine.
  3. Fill Your Bucket: What makes you happy? When was the last time you made time for something you love? Whether you enjoy quiet time to read a book; a night out with friends; volunteering in your community; or trying something new, a healthy lifestyle includes a happy heart.

Before you begin making changes, it is best to consult with health care professionals, such as; your doctor; a nutrition consultant; and a fitness trainer. They will help you take stock of your current health, and provide support and information on making realistic goals and changes.

Once you are ready to make major changes in your life, it is important to find the support that will work for you. The Lomi app can provide the support you need, and will save you time and energy by providing you with a personal nutritionist, and fitness experts at your fingertips. Our app will create a customized diet and workout plan designed with your goals in mind. If you are ready to get started, register now for a free one week trial.