“Brings health experts to your fingertips”

What is LomiApp?

- LomiApp is a specialized application based on electronic communication between the user and the dietician which helps you lose weight wherever you are, without having to waste time going to specialized nutritionist clinics."
- You just choose the dietitian from Lomi dietitians list. Then, you can start contacting your dietician through the application, and upon upgrading your subscription she will provide you with a customized diet plan, with continuous following to reach your goal in losing weight.

How to use LomiApp?

- Upon registration LomiApp provides you with one free week to communicate with the dietician you have chosen through the registration process where you can contact her about any related question and she will be your guide to lose weight and reach your goal
- Also, you can upload your daily meals through "My Journal " icon inside the application so she can comment on the food quantities consumed and number of calories needed based on your BMI
- Also, the application provides you with a 3-day general diet plan through which you can follow to try the application and communicate with your nutritionist before upgrading your subscription.

Are there any advantages of registration in LomiApp, which obviate me from visiting the nutritionist clinic?

Yes, as LomiApp provides you with:
- Continuous consultation from your dietician to achieve the best and the most needed results related to your weight and your health.
- The ability to contact your dietitian any time through private messages
- Follow up your progress in losing weight process and provide the needed feedback
- Providing a specialized diet plan based on your food likings and BMI
-The ability to upload your daily food intake from breakfast to dinner into "Journal" icon inside the application where your dietician can see on Real Time what you are eating and can provide you with the necessary feedback .

How does LomiApp dietician provide me with customized diet plan?

- After your free week has expired, you can upgrade your subsection to one of LomiApp packages, where you will receive a customized diet plan based on your health, BMI and other needs
- you will only need to answer a few questions inside the App related to your health and body measurements.

What are the types of subscriptions in LomiApp?

There are 2 types of subscriptions:
1- Free week communication with dietician with 3-day general diet plan provided upon registration
2- Paid packages:
- Monthly $79
-3 months $219
- 6 months $399
- One month detox with supplements $215
- Diabetes patient package 3 months $199
- Cancer patient package 3 months $199
- Pregnant mothers 6 months package $349

what is the one month subscription with detox supplements?

- The course includes 3 products that are used together to :
Detoxification of the body
Colon Cleansing
Regularity of disposal
- Duration for subscription on this package is one month at least
- The cost includes the delivery of the product to the user
- The supplements are made of high-quality herbs and there are many product trials from Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) and there are no negative feedbacks so far
- The supplement works on cleansing the digestive system and thus higher absorption for food
- After the cleansing process is done, we begin to feed cells and form beneficial bacteria in the intestines

How to benefit from the one week free subscription?

- LomiApp provides you with the chance to try the application without any fee required for the first week , where you receive an open communication with the dietician you have chosen during the registration and a free 3 day general diet plan for you to follow
- The ability to share types of food you eat by written posts or by uploading their photos.
- The ability to adjust your weight based on the progress done

What are the advantages of the paid subscription?

- The ability to choose the dietitian you want.
- You will receive a customized diet plan by your dietitian and according to your inserted data after reviewing your information that you have already submitted during registration process.
- In addition, you will be able to change the kinds of food you do not like according to how much weight you aspire to lose
- Periodical follow up through special messages between you and your dietitian, as well as the ability to ask your dietitian about anything related to your health, weight, and your daily routine in food and sports and many other things related to losing weight and improving your diet program "My Diet".
- Uploading photos of your food and a short description of it on daily basis so that the dietitian can adjust your food or change it with another kind, if it’s required.
- Weekly weight measurement, in order for the dietitian to track your progress to improve your diet program "My Diet" or to add some adjustments, if it’s required.
- The dietitian will be improving and adjusting your special diet program "My Diet" weekly, the thing that allows you to review the next week program and prepare the ingredients or change the kinds you do not like.

How do I communicate with my dietitian?

You can communicate with your dietitian through an option entitled "Messages" which is within the main list.

How to share the photos of my food and other stuff with the dietitian?

You can share the photos of your food through an option entitled "Journal" which is within the main list.

How can I get my diet program and how can I review it?

Upon upgrading your subscription to one of LomiApp paid packages, your dietitian will start customizing a diet plan and it will be uploaded to your profile under "Daily Plan" icon and thus you will be able to review it any time.

How can I edit my weight?

You can adjust your weight through clicking on the "Scale" icon called " Progress " which is within the main list.

How can I edit my information?

Through an option entitled "Profile" which is within the main list, from where you can adjust all your personal data.

How can I edit my body measurements?

Through an option entitled "Profile" in which you will find a list special for body measurements and you can adjust your own measurements through it.

What does the "scale" icon, which is within the main list, do?

The dietitian uses this icon to send you notifications about weight measurement, track your progress and you can use it to adjust your weight on a weekly basis.

Are there any specific criteria by which I choose the dietitian?

You may choose any dietitian you want, but you have to pay attention to the dietitian's status which will appear next to their name, where the dietitian has a specific number of subscribers, thus the dietitian cannot receive more subscribers when she reaches the maximum number of users.

What does it mean to upgrade the subscription?

Upgrading your subscription of LomiApp means that you will enjoy the full advantages of the application, to start your first step to achieve your ideal weight.

How to upgrade my subscription of Lomi?

Click on the option entitled "Settings" located at the top right side inside the application, then you can choose one from our subscriptions packages.

How the payment is made on LomiApp?

- LomiApp is a Canadian company based in Canada and Dubai where we have a very high standard regarding the privacy and security with bank statements and payment through credit cards,
- Where the payment is done through a very safe connection with payment gateways, like any payment process done with any shop, which doesn’t‎ give us the right to receive or keep any information entered on the payment screen
- only the bank processes this data directly with the payment gateway and transfer the amount to the company account with a very high standard regarding safety and privacy.

Should I cancel my subscription after free week so no fee will be deducted?

Please note that there are no fees deducted unless you decide to upgrade your account manually through the App settings then you choose your required package and choose the payment method.

How can I change the application language?

You can change the language of the application through " Settings " icon located on the right side of the application then choose application settings then choose language option.

How can Lomi experts help me if i require a special diet plan according to my needs?

LomiApp has a wide variety of dieticians with different specialties, where u can choose from them according to your specific need, for example if you are a diabetic patient, high blood pressure patient, Cancer patient, or if u suffer from kidney stones, etc. .... where you will receive a customized diet plan according to your health needs upon upgrading your subscription to one of LomiApp paid packages.

what is the 3-day general diet plan?

It is general diet plan and not specific to the users need.

What is Reward system on LomiApp:

It is a point collecting program that allow you to earn and spend your points with discounts and offers through Lomi Shop that includes Lomi partners available

How to earn your points:

- Upon Registration at LomiApp you will receive 100 points
- when inviting a friend 100 points will be added to your balance upon his/her subscription with code provided
- and daily when walking, as your steps will be converted into points and you will be able to check your points balance daily through the application and then you can redeem offers and discounts through Lomi shop.

How to redeem your points:

you can start redeeming your points through Lomi shop where you will find Lomi partners and the available offers and discounts, you need first to Join the partner and a promotion code will be sent to your email address to activate the desired offer.

Invite your friends:

When inviting a friend, he will receive a code that provides him with 50% discount on the one-month package and when your friend uses the code you will be entitled to 50% on your next subscription.